Street Tennis Free Game Download

Game Street Tennis
Street Tennis is new and free game. This game is classified into sport game in this blog. This is 3 dimensions game in comic environment, based on the code of Roland Garros French Open 2000. Tennis courts in this game located in 4 places including city streets, a space ship, residential suburbs, and metal court. Therefore, it seen so interesting.

In addition, the game has a fully textured 3D engine, with dynamic lighting, realtime shadows and a dynamic camera and replay system. It can also give good performance in this game. In this game, it motion captured animation which is used for realistic movements and shots, with the gameplay designed to be arcade oriented. So, download street tennis full version today. Click here to download.

System Requirements:
- Pentium III 600 MHz
- 128 MB
- 3D-accelerator with 32 MB of memory
- 600 MB hard drive

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