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Game Super Mario 3
Game Super Mario 3 Mario Forever is an adventure game. This is popular game and you exactly will like this game. In this game, you will do challenge adventure. You will walk and go to a castle. In one way, you will meet some obstacle. They are your enemy. You must kill them with using your jumping. You can also change your body becoming the greater than before with eating flower and fungus.

Your task is not only kill your enemy, but also must get gold in your adventure. Please collect the gold if you want to get high score in this game. I think this game is very interesting to be played by you. Therefore you must try this game if you are a game player.

This game is completed with sound effect, modern graphich, music, and 2 dimensions. You will feel real adventure in this game. There are some stages in this game. Every stage has different obstacles. You will only be given 3 livings. So, you have to use your living effectifely and eficiently, so that you can finish all levels in this game.

Download Game Super Mario 3 Mario Forever full version today. Click here to download for free. I hope you can enjoy to play this game. Good luck!!!

System Requirements:
Windows: XP/Vista/7
File Size: 18.7 MB
Support: This game is freeware and not supported.
Game Created By Softendo

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