Game Online Piano Dodge

Game Online Piano Dodge
Piano Dodge is game online which is so simple. This game is pulished by Khmer MovieOnline. He was published some game onlines which is very intersting. One of his game is Piano Dodge. This game is published at 3rd August 2011. Size of this game is 402.85 Kb. This game is categorized into flash online game.

To play this game, it is so easy. You only need to move your mouse in your computer. In this section, you are as Ninja Saga. Your task is to avoid some pianos which will fall. If you can avoid the piano, you will get score. However, if you can not avoid, you will fall the piano, and then this game is game over. I think this game is so easy to be played by you. This game only needs your speed in playing. You can play this game in this blog. Click the below icon to play this game. I hope you can enjoy to play this game. Good luck!!

Reference: Khmer MovieOnline

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rusydi said...

hihihi... menarik juga neh, gampang lagi, cuman pake mouse. tapi tautan unduhannya dimana sob?

Aidil Cakep said...

Iya mas game nya gampang banget. Tinggal menggunakan mouse saja untuk memainkan. Kebetulan ini game online mas, sehingga tidak ada file downloadnya :)

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