Game Online Blue Panda Fruits Catcher

Game Online Blue Panda Fruits Catcher
Blue Panda Fruits Catcher is a game online which is very interesting. This game can be played so easy. This game is publihsed by Khmer MovieOnline at 17th March 2013. This game is categorized into flash online game. Size of this game is 760.33 Kb. In this game, your task is to catch some fruits in the Sky. You are as Little Panda which bring ballons, so that you can fly in the Sky to catch some fruits. If you can catch friuts, you will get coins. The more you catch fruits, the more you collect coints.

To play this game, it is very easy. You only need to use keyboard in your computer. You can move Little Panda into right or left, and top or below. Collect fruit, anda get coins! You will win this game. I think this game is simple. You don't need to download this game, but you can play this game in this blog. Because of this game, it is game online. Click the below icon to start this game! I hope you can enjoy.

Reference: Khmer MovieOnline

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